The ProUltra® Family of Ultrasonic Instruments

ProUltra Piezo UltrasonicThe ProUltra family delivers the best in ultrasonic performance for endodontics, retreatment and surgical endodontic procedures.

Leading the line is the ProUltra Piezo Ultrasonic, driven by advanced SmartPower™ technology for precision in action.  SmartPower automatically locks on to the optimum working frequency for the ultrasonic tip being used, eliminating the need to constantly adjust the power setting.  The result is dependable and constant power for all your ultrasonic procedures.

Non-surgical ultrasonic tips designed by Clifford J. Ruddle, D.D.S., include the original ProUltra Endo Tips and SINE® Tips for access refinement.

ProUltra Endo and ProUltra SINE instruments are ideal for a variety of procedures from removing intracanal obstructions and dislodging posts to achieving safe and precise access refinement.  

Specifically designed for endodontic microsurgery, ProUltra Surgical Endo Tips offer improved access to difficult areas and cut dentin efficiently.

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ProUltra Piezo Ultrasonic

Piezo Ultrasonic

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ProUltra PiezoFlow Irrigation needle


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ProUltra Endo System XT


Endo Tips - All-purpose endo
SINE Tips - Precise access & refinement
Surgical Tips - Endo microsurgery

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Ultrasonic Solutions Overview

ProUltra Piezo HandpieceDENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties offers a full line of Piezo ultrasonic products and equipment designed to deliver safe, precise and effective results.

This is an overview brochure for Ultrasonic Solutions. Some of the information in this document includes:

  • Endodontics information
  • Hygiene and Prophylaxis information
  • Irrigation
  • Conservation and Restoration

For complete information, download the attached document:

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ProUltra Products Fact Sheet

This is the Fact Sheet for ProUltra products. Some of the information in this document includes:

  • ProUltra Piezo Ultrasonic Booster
  • ProUltra Endo Tips
  • ProUltra Endo Surgical Tips

For complete information, download the attached document:

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Dr. Cliff Ruddle

Enlightened Access: Greater Vision and Efficiency through Ultrasonics

By Dr. Cliff Ruddle

Access is essential to successful endodontics. Canals are quickly secured when instruments conveniently pass through the occlusal opening, effortlessly slide down smooth axial walls and easily enter a flared orifice. Moreover, straightline access promotes rotary shaping procedures and the potential to three-dimensionally clean and fill root canal systems.

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Dr. Cliff Ruddle

Post Removal: Shedding Light on Successful Post Removal

By Dr. Cliff Ruddle

Endodontically failing teeth frequently contain posts that require removal to facilitate successful retreatment. In other instances, the endodontic treatment may be judged successful, but the post needs to be removed to improve the fit, design or aesthetics of a new restoration.

This is an article written by Dr. Ruddle regarding the post removal. To read the complete article, please download the attached document.

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Dr. Cliff Ruddle

Removal of Obturation Material: Matching Your Technique to the Material

By Dr. Cliff Ruddle 

Four obturation materials are commonly found in treated root canals: gutta-percha,carrier-based obturators, silver points and paste fillers. Generally, it is necessary to remove these materials for retreatment or post placement success. When removing obturation materials, ultrasonic technology provides many clinical advantages. ProUltra® Endo Tips 1-5 are contra-angled, come in increasingly longer lengths and narrowing diameters, and are coated with a zirconium nitride abrasive.

This is an article written by Dr. Ruddle regarding the removal of obturation material. To read the complete article, download the attached document:

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