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ProTaper Universal rate of taper chart

The Next Progression in Proficient Performance

With its progressive taper design and system-based efficiency, the ProTaper name is synonymous with exceptional performance.

Now the innovation continues with the ProTaper Universal system, the next generation in the ProTaper legacy of proven endodontic solutions. Expanded and enhanced, the ProTaper Universal system delivers more of the efficiency, flexibility and precision you want for successful procedures.

The ProTaper Universal system is a comprehensive solution built around the efficiency of ProTaper Universal nickel titanium files. Each element of the system works together to intuitively generate a seamless flow from instrumentation to obturation. From ProTaper Universal obturators and ProTaper Universal absorbent points to the addition of ProTaper Universal gutta-percha points, the system elements are precision matched to fit the shapes created by ProTaper Universal files. You get a progression of components that are made for each other – and made for your success.

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Rotary Files

Progressive taper design & system based efficiency

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Predictable 3D fills

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ProTaper Universal Hand Files

Hand Files

Variable taper design

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ProTaper Size Verifier

Size Verifiers

Verify the canal shape

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Retreatment Files

Remove filling materials

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ProTaper Obturator Oven


Three dimensional heat

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Gutta-Percha Points

File matching system

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