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Here's what clinicians are saying about WaveOne.

“Thanks to WaveOne, EndoActivator and Guttacore, I now have a step-by-step technique for completing any endodontic procedure including teeth with severely curved canals, fourth canals or cases particularly difficult to negotiate. The WaveOne system saves time, reduces stress, and for the patient, yields a perfectly obturated canal. The informative continuing education courses and technical support provided by DENTSPLY Tulsa has gone a long way in making the transition to WaveOne simple and efficient.”

Dr. Steven Cross - Springfield, PA

What would drive me to make a change in my clinical practice: greater simplicity, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, dependability, biological success? WaveOne provides all of these with a single instrument."

Dr. David Landwehr - Madison, WI

Sometimes a technique or technology comes along that just plain makes sense and WaveOne is one of them. The WaveOne file system has decreased the amount of time it takes me to shape canals, dramatically decreased the number of rotary files I use and virtually eliminated file separation anxiety. It has improved my ability to clean and shape some of the more difficult teeth, all the while maintaining the original curvature of the canal. This is not the only file system I will ever need, but it will handle the vast majority of what I see from day-to-day."

Dr. Paul Ley - Indianapolis, IN

The WaveOne file has brought simplification to shaping. In my protocol, I negotiate to the apical terminus with a #10 NiTi hand file and use PathFiles to create my glidepath. After completing my preferred orifice opening, I typically use only one Primary sized WaveOne file to create the final shape. In over 75% of my cases, this is accomplished with no further hybridization and has given me a more streamlined and efficient procedure."

Dr. Diwakar Kinra - Flint, MI

"Endodontists are the most difficult group of dentists to convince to switch instrumentation systems. We become so intimately familiar with the nuances and characteristics of the instruments which we use that switching increases, at least short term, the possibility that we’ll break the newer system’s instruments in teeth while we retrain and recalibrate ourselves. After trying the WaveOne system for a few cases, I feel that it’s revolutionary enough and safe enough for me to switch to it."

The Periapex, Endodontics Blog

Dr. Marc RojtmanI found that the learning curve transitioning from a traditional rotary system to WaveOne was minimal. A single-file system is a great advantage. It frequently allows me to prepare canals in a shorter amount of time and the files are much more resistant to fracture than other files I’ve used in the past – that’s a reassuring asset when I’m trying to negotiate narrow, curved canals. As long as patency is verified before each apical progression, most molar canals can be prepared to length in three or four cycles. Once working length is established and irrigation is completed, employing the GuttaCore obturation system is a natural choice. I’ve always been hesitant to switch endodontic systems once I become familiar with something, but I’m glad I gave the WaveOne Reciprocating File and GuttCore obturators a chance. I’d recommend the system to any practitioner looking to increase their efficiencies."

Dr. Marc Rojtman- Arcadia, CA

Dr. Sergio KuttlerWaveOne is the culmination of three years' effort to redefine cleaning and shaping with a single instrument. Although reciprocating movement is not new, the specific movements of WaveOne make it unique. It will maintain the instrument in the long axis of the canal, preserving canal wall integrity while increasing resistance to instrument breakage. Combining M-Wire properties with the new single file reciprocation design makes WaveOne the instrument of choice."

Dr. Sergio Kuttler - Davie, FL

Dr. Bill NuderaRoot canal therapy’s long-term success depends largely on the clinician’s ability to adequately clean the canal while respecting its original anatomy. WaveOne’s asymmetric motion accurately reproduces the Balanced Force concept to minimize canal transportation giving me a consistent and predictable outcome."

Dr. William Nudera - Bloomingdale, IL

Dr. John PetersAs of May 2013, I have completed 3,200 cases with the WaveOne reciprocating files. They have reduced my fatigue, decreased my chair time, reduced my overhead and increased productivity; all while yielding excellent clinical results."  

Dr. John Peters - Halifax, Nova Scotia

NOTE: As the leader in innovative endodontic solutions, DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties is proud to publish product reviews and commentary by recognized dental clinicians across the U.S. and Canada. The opinions of the professional users reprinted here are based on in-practice use of the device by the commentator and reflect the personal opinions of that individual professional user.