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The industry leader for decades

DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties’ advancements forever changed the cleaning and shaping aspect of root canal therapy, with the introduction of ProFile® Series 29® rotary files in 1994. The company’s rotary revolution continued with such system-based endodontic solutions as ProSystem GT® and the best-selling ProTaper® Series. 

DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties introduced rotary endodontics to the benefits of nickel titanium (NiTi) in 1994 and brought the industry even greater resistance to cyclic fatigue with M-Wire® NiTi in 2007.

In the latest advance, ProTaper NEXT introduced a rectangular cross-section and Asymmetric Rotary motion in 2013.

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GT Rotary Files

GT® Rotary

A unified maximum flute diameter

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GT Series X®

Greater flexibility & M-Wire NiTi

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-ProFile ISO
-ProFile Series 29
-O.S. Orifice Openers

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ProFile Vortex

Active cutting ISO files with M-Wire® NiTi

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ProTaper NEXT rotary files

ProTaper NEXT

Rectangular cross-section for greater strength

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ProTaper Universal

Progressive taper design with system based efficiency

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ProTaper® Retreatment

Efficiently remove filling materials

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Vortex Blue®

Resistant to cyclic fatigue; increased torque strength

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Comparative Performance of Rotary Instruments: Proven by Science

Rotary Comparison

In two separate studies, the performance of ProFile GT, K3 and Sequence rotary files are compared, as well as the performance of ProTaper, K3 and Sequence rotary files.

This brochure provides abstracts on two recent studies of Comparative Performance of Rotary Instruments. For complete information, download the attached document:

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Tooth Radiograph
Radiograph shows the extreme curvature of a root canal that was successfully instrumented with PathFile and ProFile Vortex. Image courtesy of Dr. Bill Nudera.

Closer Look: M-Wire NiTi

Advancements in metallurgy have made “rotary” synonymous with the DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties name.

Each rotary file series features strong, flexible, nickel titanium or M-Wire® NiTi instruments that work together to efficiently produce predictable shapes. Tulsa Dental Specialties offers the widest selection of instruments in the industry.

Complete systems are also available.



Tooth showing canal path  Tooth slice diagram

Staying True. Note how precisely these challenging canals were respected by DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties rotary files.

DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties has advanced the specialty of endodontics through innovative products and root canal therapy solutions for predictable clinical outcomes. Our commitment to helping clinicians provide exceptional care for our patients can be seen in our long history of scientific research and development. Clinicians count on Tulsa Dental as their source for not only clinically proven products, but also knowledgeable support, service, and expertise. Their trust is the reason Tulsa Dental's endodontic market share is the highest in the industry.

Innovation never rests at Tulsa Dental and that means finding new ways to bring greater value and clinical success to customers.

  • Broadening our tradition of clinical education excellence, Tulsa Dental continuously adds courses available to you in person and online.
  • As always, our on-staff clinicians are available for trusted advice or a second opinion.
  • Our customer service representatives, perhaps the most highly trained in the industry, are dedicated to providing responsive service and solutions.

Endo Instrument Sterilization Guide

This is the Sterilization Guide for Endo Instruments. For complete information, download the attached document:

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